Mattresses can be supportive or pillow-soft, they can keep you warm or keep you cool. Some even have fabrics that claim to reduce your stress or help rejuvenate your skin. Some are a lifetime investment and others are just enough to keep your guests comfortable. Making the right decision can guarantee you a peaceful sleep and so our staff are trained specialists to help you find exactly the right one.

When it comes to the base or frame you may want something which looks good but is practical too. An electric rise bed would make reading or watching TV with a cup of tea so much easier. A TV takes up space but with a TV bed it’s quickly tidied away – great for teenagers with small rooms. Create storage space with divan drawers or an ottoman bed.

If your little treasure is moving into their first bed or it’s time for some sturdy bunks, there is a great selection. Even your guests are catered for with sofa beds and beautiful day beds.

We’re confident the experts in our Bedding Centre will find you a peaceful sleep at the right price with all the features that are important to you whether it’s a solution for posture problems, storage space, specialist options such a rising bed, TV bed, sofa bed, bunk bed or day bed, solutions for small spaces, even consideration for the environment. All these options are backed by names you’ll recognise such as Sealey, Sweet Dreams, SilentNight and Dura Beds.

Customer Review

" I needed a new mattress because of my back but didn’t have a clue where to start. Kelvyn asked me a load of questions then made me lie on two different types. I liked one much better and there were a few different prices so I went for the best. I admit I did wonder if it was all some sales chat but I’m really pleased, it’s exactly what I wanted and I’ve sent some friends there. 

– Mrs W, Great Yarmouth