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When you visit First Furnishings you are visiting a family owned and run business. We are a local, independent retailer and have been established for over 25 years. You will find a wide range of furniture, carpet, flooring and accessories which are selected for the comfort, style and budget local people tell us they like. When you get to know us you will also discover a range of services which are designed for local people, many of which we provide at little or no cost.

Furniture retailing is a competitive retail sector and many independent firms have gone out of business over the past few years. First Furnishings has flourished because of our determination to serve local people……but what does that actually mean you may well ask.

Perhaps the most obvious is that First Furnishings rarely trades outside of the local area and not online. We serve the people of Norfolk and Suffolk, in particular Beccles, Bradwell, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft areas.

We keep our costs to a minimum to offer quality products at the best possible prices and provide services such as delivery, assembly and installation at little or no cost.

We operate with a very small staff and a family member is at the store most days which means we hear directly from you. National and larger local retailers rely on statistics and general research. Talking with you has become one our greatest strengths. We buy the products we know you want, we provide the services we know are important to you and we keep asking you to tell us more! You will notice there is a feedback button on every page of our website – that’s how important it is to us to understand what you like and, equally important, what you don’t like. If you have something to say, we would love to hear from you.

We protect the environment by aiming to recycle 80% of our waste, minimising our use of local landfill. We support local young people through the Apprenticeship Scheme; we are currently training a young person to qualify in Warehouse Operations. We also want to support other local businesses and we are currently collaborating to bring you some very special services. Watch this space!

"Something you’d like to tell us? We would love to hear from you. There’s a feedback button on every page of our website and an email link at the top of every page. Have your say!

Front of House

You will find us in Gorleston, opposite Morrisons. We will be delighted to see you and you are free to browse our Superstore for as long as you like. You will find a Bedding Centre, the main Showroom and a Clearance Centre with new reductions added each week. Come for coffee, come to chat or come to buy – you’ll be very welcome.