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Expert advice can save you money, bring you comfort and help identify just the right style.

Furniture is not something you buy every day but our staff are trained and work with it every day. They know the pitfalls to avoid, how to guarantee your comfort and have tips to make things look great in your home.

Most importantly, they understand about posture and the affect furniture can have on your body. This is particularly valuable when buying mattresses and chairs, especially if you spend long periods of time sat down.


Our craftsmen assemble before delivery or, for larger items, in your home. All assembly before delivery is FREE.

When Delivery Teams can partially dismantle and reassemble furniture to fit through doors, up stairs or around corners, it is FREE.

Assembly of large, fitted bedroom furniture in your home is only £59. We will assemble for you at the same time it is delivered.

You can return flat pack furniture if you experience difficulties with assembly and we will assemble it for a small charge of £15. Collection and redelivery charges will apply if you require these services. We are not able to visit your home to resolve assembly problems.

The majority of our prices include assembly, unlike the majority of furniture retailers.

Buy and Try

If you are buying a chair on behalf of a friend or relative with mobility restrictions, it is almost impossible to guarantee you will get it right. This could be a waste of money, cause discomfort and leave you reluctant to help again in the future. We can overcome this anguish for you. Once you’ve selected and purchased the chair you think is right, we will deliver it but take one or two other possibilities to try while we’re there. This will make everybody more comfortable!

Carpet and Flooring – Measuring, Delivery and Fitting

Measuring and delivery are FREE. You may find that some national flooring retailers appear to charge very low prices for carpet but charge very high prices for additional materials, measuring, delivery and fitting.

Once you’ve selected the carpet or flooring you want, a carpet fitter will visit to measure and plan the fitting. This can save you money because the fitter will know what width to order to use as little carpet or flooring as possible. He will record additional materials you need, such as gripper or underlay, and record any additional work required, such as door adjustments.

First Furnishings will order your carpet or flooring and additional materials and once they arrive, usually within two or three days, contact you to arrange the fitting.

When the fitter lays your floor, he will remove and replace furniture for you.

Fitters are not employed by First Furnishings and so they will ask you to pay them for fitting. However, we have agreed what they will charge and so you will know the total amount before they visit.

We will normally contact you after your new floor has been fitted to make sure you are pleased with it and that the fitting service met your expectations.

Clearance Centre

Every week there are new and genuine bargains in our Clearance Centre. We recommend you call in on a frequent basis as the very best items go quickly.

Collection of Old Furniture

When we deliver your new furniture we will take your old pieces away and dispose of them. This means you will never be without furniture and won’t have to make a separate arrangement. The cost is £20. If we think your furniture can be used again, we will contact a local hostel or charity.


We don’t claim to get it right all of the time but we do claim to investigate any reason you have to complain quickly, fairly and thoroughly.
If any part of our service has failed and we can rectify it, we will move quickly. We will also take action to stop it happening again.

In the unlikely event you or our Delivery Team discovers a fault or damage we will act quickly to replace the item.

You are also protected by your statutory rights.

Contact us via this website, email or phone us on 01493 445454


When you buy from us, some items can be collected immediately or delivered the following day.

The majority of our deliveries are FREE and for others, we only ask you to make a contribution.  We do not aim to make a profit from this service, just cover our costs.

We aim to deliver when it’s convenient for you and our van’s normal delivery days and routes are:

Day 9.30am – 1pm 1.30pm – 6pm
Tuesday  Gorleston and Great Yarmouth areas Lowestoft and surrounding areas
Wednesday Gorleston and Great Yarmouth areas Lowestoft and surrounding areas
Thursday Gorleston and Great Yarmouth areas Lowestoft and surrounding areas

You will see below if you qualify for FREE delivery or the contribution we will ask you to make:




NR30, NR31, NR32 £15 Purchase over £200
NR13, NR29, NR33 £20 Purchase over £250
NR12, NR28, NR34   and Norwich £30
Further afield                                                    £1 per mile

If you require assistance we will be pleased to unwrap your new furniture and install it in the room of your choice. We will make sure that you are completely satisfied before we leave. Our Delivery Team has a high level of product knowledge and will be able to answer questions about your new purchase.

They will take away any old furniture you are replacing.

Exclusive Ranges

Our suppliers know that we are attentive to the needs of local people and that we want to offer you comfort and style you won’t find in other furniture shops. We have exclusive ranges that you cannot get elsewhere locally and it’s a great reason to call in and see us.


We are a local, family run independent business which means that, unlike the national chains, we can react quickly and provide the products and services you want. Just tell us what you like and what you want! Use the email links or feedback button. We would love to hear from you.


FREE parking is right outside our Gorleston Superstore and Clearance Centre so it’s really easy to visit us and it won’t cost you a thing. We’ll even give you a cup of coffee! We’re just opposite Morrisons.


You can choose to pay by cash, cheque, credit or debit card. If you see something you like and make a final decision when you get home, we can take payment over the phone.

Private Viewings

We often hold sales for our customers. Rather than advertise to the general public, we contact customers and invite them to private viewings. Not advertising means we can offer greater reductions and you can view when we are closed to the public. If you’re an existing customer, let us know via the website links or that you’d like to be included in private viewings.

If you’re not a customer, we can let you know what items have been moved into our Clearance Centre each week and when new stock arrives. Use the email link from this site to let us know you’d like to hear about clearance and new stock. If you become a customer we will automatically invite you to private viewings.


We will inspect and test items before you collect them or our delivery team will inspect and test them before they leave your home to ensure our high standards are met.

If something does go wrong, we will work with you to ensure your rights and our obligations are met under The Consumer Rights Act 2015 and any other relevant legislation.

Search Service

If ever you know exactly what you want but just can’t find it, come and see us and we will look on your behalf. We deal with a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers and have a library of catalogues which are available to the trade. A picture of the item or something similar will help. If we can’t find it, it probably doesn’t exist!

Opening Times

Superstore & Clearance Centre

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Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm


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Delivery Services

Once you have made your choice, relax and we will make the rest easy.

Our deliveries are frequent, FREE if you live locally and an experienced team will unwrap, assemble and install to your satisfaction before they leave.